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Tilano Products


Tilano Photo Transfer Kits Image Transfer Kits: Tilano Image Transfer Kits give you everything you need to transfer your pictures onto a variety of surfaces. You can transfer artwork, pictures, scriptures, drawings or anything that you can photocopy. Using Tilano's Transfer Kits you can transfer to coaster, wall hanging tiles and even glass. These kits are great for gifts for kids as well as a great wedding gift idea. Transferring pictures onto tiles is a great way to personalize a room. The Tilano Transfer Kit line has seven different surfaces to transfer onto and each one is unique from the other. Choose from an 8x8 wall hanging kit to a 2x2 magnet kit. All of our kits include all the supplies needed to complete the project.

Tilano Transfer Supplies Transfer Supplies: The Tilano transfer process is a completely different way of transferring photos and images to a variety of surfaces. In the Transfer Supplies section you can find everything needed to transfer images without using heat or harsh chemicals. Suggested transfer surfaces: wood, tile, glass, marble, ceramic, glass, metal.

Tilano Colored Chalk Paint Colored Chalkboard Paint: Add new colors to your walls while making a fully functional colored chalkboard. Choose from 10 different colors and purchase in gallon, quart or 2oz sizes. Colored Chalkboard paint is a great idea for a kids room, or to create a reminder wall. Use Tilano's Colored Chalkboard Paint like any regular paint.


Fresco Kit

Introducing Revealz™

Create tiles with Instagrams
Make beautiful tiles from your own Instagrams and other artists' Instagram photos (for yourself or to give as gifts).

Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas

Tilano Products are the perfect personalized gift for Christmas.  Do It Yourself Kits allow you to make your own wedding favors, or make a gift for Mother's Day.  Easily transfer pictures to coasters.  Artwork can now be made by creating your own photo tiles.>Buy Now

Chalk Paint

Chalkboard Paint

Colored Chalk Paint is now available online in quart size containers!  One quart (or 1 litre) is enough to paint 100 square feet with two coats.  Use Tilano Chalkboard paint in any room of the house to create murals, to do lists, idea charts and much more.  Eco-friendly too! >Buy Now